LES Enfants de Bohème
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LES Enfants de Bohème - Homepage
New York, NY - 646-476-4843

Bistro Français New Yorkais / Restaurant, bar, cafe + crêperie / Lower East Side

* OUTDOOR DINING (dinner Tuesday to Saturday, from 5 to 10 pm, brunch Saturday + Sunday, 11:30 am to 5 pm).*

Thanks to all of our friends who have shown their support during these difficult times. As of Monday, December 14, New York restaurants will be closed for indoor dining. We will continue table service in our outdoor tent (we have a heater!), and we urge you all to use our online ordering system for take-out. You may pay with a credit card and schedule your pick-up time.  

Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates or call us directly. Given the cold weather and the changing COVID situtation, hours may change. Thank you for your understanding

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Thank you to all our supporters! 

We must also take this opportunity to thank everyone who gave so generously to our GoFundMe campaign! Your donations enabled us to get to this point --- to stay afloat, support and retain our staff, and develop survival plans. So thank you! We are keeping the fundraiser active since the future remains uncertain and those of you who would like to contribute may do so on the link, below. We know it will be some time before we will be able to operate at full capacity. (Will ever be the same?) To this end, we've also created a short survey to collect your opinions about dining out. We'd love to hear from you! Finally, we have posted the take-out menu below. Please be patient with us as we adapt to a new reality. And please stay well! Bisous! 

LES Enfants de Boheme Emergency Relief Fund (GoFundMe link)

Dining Out Survey




Every neighborhood needs a "local"—a cozy spot with delicious food, a friendly bar, and warm vibes. Like the corner bistros in Paris, LES Enfants de Bohème is a casual restaurant serving classic French fare, emphasizing organic, seasonal ingredients and local sourcing. Our craft cocktails are seasonal too, inspired by market offerings. Created by Parisian Stéfan Jonot—whose previous restaurant, Les Enfants Terribles, was a veritable Lower East Side institution—LES Enfants de Bohème is for bohemians and bons vivants.



We feel it's important to serve our community. We are proud of our partnership with locally made, organic Adirondack Creamery Ice Cream. This extraordinary company, run by our neighbor Paul Nasrani, has introduced us to the International Rescue Committee (IRC), which receives 50% of sales of Adirondack's delicious Syrian Date & Walnut. ice cream containerThe flavor is inspired by the Middle Eastern treat Ma’amoul, a shortbread pastry filled with dates and nuts. Ma’amoul is enjoyed by Syrian communities of all faiths on celebratory holidays: Muslims on Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, Christians on Easter and Jewish communities on Rosh Hashanah and Hanukkah. We also love their organic Black Raspberry ice cream, which is a beautiful shade of purple and inspired Adirondack to spread the message "When we think about purple and the United States, we think not only of the purple mountain majesties where these delicious berries grow, but our highest hopes for our country’s identity. We are not a country split into red states or blue states. That’s a way of keeping us separated. Keeping us divided. We are more than that, we are better than that." We urge you to support this wonderful company and eat Adirondack ice cream whenever possible! 

We are also proud of our affiliation with the Sister District Project, hosting fundraisers for progressive candidates in red districts. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to hear about our ongoing actions, including our Monday night postcard-writing sessions. Since launching our Monday postcard actions (on the heels of the first Women's March), we've mailed over 5,000 postcards to our representatives, voicing our concern about pressing issues of the day. The battle is far from over. Join us Mondays, enjoy Happy Hour, and #RESIST.

We proudly participate in the Manny Cantor Center / Educational Alliance Business Council, offering support to our nonprofit neighbor. Located at the corner of East Broadway and Jefferson, the Center offers a wealth of programs and resources for the Lower East Side Community. Visit their websites for information about its top-notch art classes, and services for childcare, seniors, teenagers, and more.