Restaurateur Stefan Jonot wanted to create a space that feels as welcoming as a typical corner bistro in Paris, his home city—an unfussy, welcoming spot that becomes a part of locals' daily routines, from drinking coffee to reading the paper, working through lunch or meeting friends for an apero, dining with the family or grabbing a nightcap on the way home. His previous restaurant, Les Enfants Terribles, was an early Lower East Side settler and fondly remembered as a living room of sorts for the neighborhood. As someone who spent his younger years organizing underground parties in Paris, making music documentaries, and building more than a few restaurants and bars, Jonot found his way to the Lower East Side 20 years ago. For LES Enfants de Bohème, Jonot partnered with his wife, design writer and curator Cathy Lang Ho (Architect magazine, Spontaneous Interventions), as well as longtime Lower East Side resident and actor Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabamba, Yellowstone); restaurateur Daniel Rivera (David's Cafe and Isabella's on St. Mark's); and British photographer Simon Harsent (Pool Collective, Sarah Laird & Good Company).  

restaurant staff Photo caption: From left, partners Simon Harsent, Josh Lucas, Cathy Lang Ho, Stefan Jonot + Danny Rivera



Award-winning firm Freecell Architecture (John Hartmann, Lauren Crahan, Sam McBride) collaborated on the design and space organization. French visual artist Jeanne Verdoux and Scottish architect/ illustrator John Gibson created a site-specific wall mural that draws from Verdoux's acclaimed drawing series that capture glimpses of New Yorkers in everyday life. We are proud to be one of the city's original Street Seat partners, creating a public seating area designed by Linda Pollak (Marpillero Pollak) and Julio Salcedo (Scalar Architecture). The city's parklet program has morphed into the Open Restaurant program. 




floral arrangment for table setting
poster of a cup of coffee


We love dogs. But due to our small space, we can only accommodate dogs that serve the hearing, vision, and otherwise medically impaired. We cannot accommodate emotional support dogs (in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act which does not classify emotional support dogs as service animals). However, we do welcome well-behaved dogs at our sidewalk tables. 

Medical support dogs who are approved in the dining area must abide by the following New York state and New York City Department of Health regulations: 

• Be licensed and currently vaccinated against rabies;

• Are not allowed to sit on chairs, benches, or other furniture, and are not permitted to stand or sit in aisles. They must stay under tables; 

• May not eat from plates or bowls provided to customers by the restaurant. (They may only eat and drink from single-use disposable containers.)

• Must be removed immediately if the animal becomes aggressive or threatening; note that we are required to report any biting incidents to the NYC Health Department.